When Wayne & I first started into breeding we thought why if people buy puppies from us should they not have the option to breed from them. Like many people, no doubt, we thought breeders did not allow puppies out for breeding because they did not want people breeding from the lines they had established. We also thought if people pay good money for a puppy then they should have the option.

However we have since learnt a lot and realise now there is far more to it all and can see why many breeders register puppies on the restricted register.

Firstly to be an ethical breeder you must have your dog registered, hip & elbow scored and annually eye tested, as well as completing any DNA testing that is required. When breeding from them they should be bred only to a dog that is registered, hip & elbow scored and annually eye tested. Both dogs should only be bred from if they are healthy, and in top condition and their scores are good and eye tests are clear. 

The dog/bitch that you are mating to should also be suitable to your dog/bitch. You must take into account both dogs lines, health, temperaments, colour etc.

To breed your dog/bitch you do not just grab the first thing that is available.

Even though we gave this advise to people when they expressed a wish to breed, they unfortunately chose not to do the right thing and follow our advise when it came time to mate the dog/bitch they brought from us. This means because of a puppy we sold, there could be puppies on the market that are not properly tested etc. We do not wish to directly or indirectly add to the already huge market of puppies that are produced without proper care and we do not want to be responsible for that. Also these dogs/bitches we allowed out for breeding were not always cared for during breeding/whelping as we would have thought suitable.

As this has happened more than once we have now decided that it is best if all our puppies are put on the restricted register. "not to be bred, shown or eligible for an export licence". (This does not mean you cannot take your dog oversea's with you). We have found 95% of people that buy our puppies do not wish to bred from them anyway.